Tampa Electric's Metro-Link can provide you with a high-capacity, advanced fiber-optic network at competitive rates. Our services include:

  • System design
  • Licensing of dark and lit fiber
  • Splicing and maintenance
  • Links to other companies' networks



Metro-Link's network supports Tampa Electric's complex electric system, which requires superior reliability and performance. The network operates on secured routes to provide substation protective relaying and the monitoring/controlling of substation and transmission facilities.

Through available system capacity, Metro-Link can provide you with this same level of unsurpassed service and reliability throughout our service area.

Metro-Link licenses available portions of Tampa Electric's advanced fiber-optic network, which spans its 2,000-square-mile West Central Florida electric service area.

Metro-Link's network includes six hundred plus route miles of overhead fiber cable. Signals are transmitted throughout the network using low-loss fiber. This single-mode, fiber-optic cable is capable of supporting both 1,310 nanometer and 1,550 nanometer wavelengths.

Metro-Link advantages include:

  • Configuration in a loop topology provides diverse routing for unmatched reliability.
  • Complete dielectric system with immunity to lightning, electromagnetic and radio interference.
  • Self-healing system with multi-level backup systems.
  • Industry leadership in developing and utilizing new technology.
  • System integration for customized solutions including engineering, project management and turn-key, fiber-optic systems.
  • Many Tampa Electric locations are potentially available as communications collocation sites.
Support team 24/7

Metro-Link is served by a team of trained telecommunications experts, experienced in the engineering, installation and maintenance of fiber-optic systems. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve your business needs and ensure reliability.

Tower Locations

Space in Tampa Electric's extensive radio/microwave network is available for license at various locations. Please contact us for specific site information.

Our fiber-optic network

Through a strategic alliance with Interstate FiberNet (IFN), Metro-Link is able to provide SONET transport from Tampa to various locations throughout the Southeast.

Tampa Electric interconnects with IFN in Downtown Tampa and provides transport capacity to the following locations:

  • AT&T, 2261 Massaro Boulevard
  • Xspedius, 400 N Tampa Street
  • Global Crossing, 400 N Tampa Street
  • Verizon, 610 N Morgan Street
  • MCI, 702 N Franklin Street

Contact Metro-Link

Our system is not for everyone. Due to our dedication to Tampa Electric functions, we can only serve a few select businesses.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about Metro-Link. Discover for yourself the value, reliability and telecommunication services Metro-Link can offer your business.

Jeff Ogden
Manager - Network Operations, Broadband Engineering and Metro-Link